About Us


“To become the world’s largest repository, distribution and promotional platform for nonprofit fund raising campaigns.”

We provide a sustainable, thriving platform that allows organizations to multiply their outreach, attract supporters and keep them engaged when money and resources are limited. Providing 21st century technology and increased visibility for these groups will have a lasting impact on our world.

Mission Statement:

Because of the lack of resources and funding many nonprofit organizations cannot properly compete in today’s technological world. Our system fills those voids by providing the tools to better portray their cause, manage their message and multiply their support by empowering the public to leave their philanthropic legacy through smart campaign technology and gamification.

Our Goal:

Is to empower hundreds of millions of people and give them a sense of meaning and accomplishment by providing a fun and easy social influencing platform that allows them to start creating a philanthropic legacy.

Playanthropy (play*an*thro*pee):

the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money or spreading awareness with social influence in order to gain an everlasting philanthropic legacy.

Way to Win:

Start playing today. The game never ends until you do. Influencers and Leaders Click the start button now, your ready, your true philanthropic legacy is waiting for you.


For information and pricing email us at info@influencethecause.com

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