Influence The Cause-The Game To Build Your Legacy For Social Good!

How your support will help

Build your legacy for Social Good! GAME RULES- Our game Playanthropy provides each supporter the tools to help a cause reach their goals and build a supporters Philanthropic Legacy. Within each campaign displayed once you "Start Playing" your personal dash board will guide you through the "game" in each fundraising landing page and encourage you to use your personal influence to bring awareness to a cause. Our system tracks all your activity and displays your efforts. Compete against your friends and family as you reach the leader board all while helping a cause reach their goals. As you influence more people back into a campaign your legacy grows and the more rewards and recognition you can receive! Log in and "Start Playing" Playanthropy today!


Our Mission

Influence the Cause engages and retains supporters through gamification to enhance a cause message through social media influence to help them reach their goals.

How We Make a Difference

Because of the lack of resources and funding many nonprofit organizations cannot properly compete in today’s technological world. Our system fills those voids by providing the tools to better portray their cause, manage their message and multiply their support by empowering the public to leave their philanthropic legacy through smart campaign technology and gamification.