Puerto Rico Power!

How your support will help

Puerto Rico needs to get back its Electric POWER! There are hundreds of workers who left their families to join in the efforts to restore power in Puerto Rico and with each donation and/or share of this page you are helping the people who are their working hard everyday to get Puerto Rico back on the grid.This 2 year projected project needs your support to ensure the success of the boots on the ground and to also ensure these workers have food, water and supplies needed to get the job done quickly for the people of Puerto Rico.

Our Mission

Pros For Americas Youth a 501(c)3 Foundation is chipping in to get the lights back on in Puerto Rico. For over 25 years our Pro Athletes have been making a difference and now we are asking for you to come join the team and help get power restored in Puerto Rico.

How We Make a Difference

For the past 25 years Pros For Americas Youth and our Pro Athletes have been teaching and helping children all over the country. Our Foundation and its members have always taken up a challenge to help fight hunger, cancer kids, teaching the dangers of smoking to children and we want to continue our efforts.