How It Works

I'm a Player or Donor

Most people play games for entertainment, but what if you could play games to make the world a better place? “Play-anthropy” is a game of sharing that allows you to leave your philanthropic legacy while earning points and rewards in the process. Donors can help their favorite causes and also participate in leaderboard challenges, and both the Play-anthropists and financial contributors get to help causes that matter with Influence the Cause.


Start the game by logging in.


Select the cause you want to play.

Share and Contribute

Share that cause on social media to bring awareness for the nonprofit, school, or church.
Contribute to your favorite cause.


Earn points and rewards whether you’re sharing or donating. These apply toward swag, discounts, and cash rewards. The more you share or donate, the more points you receive.


Level-up when you share or donate as you help organizations reach their goals. The points you earn playing the game contribute to your position on the leaderboard and help you earn rewards.


Compete with real-time tracking on the leaderboard where you can see how much money you have helped raise and be recognized for your efforts.

Change the World

Change the world by playing this game. You may not have money to donate, but your efforts help more causes reach their goals.


Play-anthropy lets you leave a legacy, one cause at a time.

How It Works

I'm an Organization

Influence the Cause provides nonprofits, schools, and churches a platform to bring causes to life. Our gamification method will help multiply your efforts by recruiting thousands of new advocates and influencers to bring social awareness to your campaign. With the power of video and social media, your organization can easily reach your fundraising goals.


Start by creating an organization account.


Select one or more category that best fits your organization.


Create a custom landing page for your brand.


Share your unique campaign with followers and past donors. We track your progress in real time and put the results in your organization dashboard.


Track the campaign on your dashboard, or as we like to call it, "Scoreboard." See everything from the dollars raised to number of shares and donors.


Relax as the donations go into your PayPal account automatically.


Nurture your donors with automatic thank you’s, follow-up information, and campaign updates. These are built-in features that help make your life easier.


Achieve your goals with Influence the Cause by reaching more supporters, advocates, influencers, and donors than ever before. Together, we recruit and retain new advocates all in one convenient place.