Corporate Sponsors
Brand Recognition
Attach Your Brand With a Social Good Campaign
Brand Awareness
Feature Your Products & Services Through Sponsorship
Corporate/Community Partnerships or (CSR)
Create a Strong Bond With the Community
90% of businesses that partnered with at reputable non-profit organization enhanced their brand
Increase Customer and Brand Loyalty
Show the World of How Your Making an Impact
Attract and Retain Employees
People Are More Fulfilled Through Businesses That Give Back
Result oriented sponsorships
Drive New Customers Directly to Your Business & Increase ROI
Employees who engaged in corporate giving programs tended to have 75% longer tenures with the company
Peer 2 Peer Promotion (P2P)
Provide a Motivating Purpose For People to Share Your Brand
Cultivating new relationships
Connect With Local & National Fundraising Campaigns
Real Metrics, Real People
People Are Driven to Stay Connected to Their Communities Through Charitable Donations.
50% of global consumers said they would be willing to reward companies that give back to society by paying more for their goods and services