FAQ Sponsors

How do I connect with a Campaign?

Just sign up and go into your campaign connect area in your dashboard and start searching for Organizations to connect with.

What if my company wants to sponsor a campaign?

That’s great! Go into ITC and sign up as a Sponsor and start connecting to campaigns today!

What if I already have a cause I sponsor?

That’s great! Just both of you sign up and connect through your dashboard.

What type of rewards can we offer?

Coupons, gift card and tickets.

How do I place rewards inside a campaign and track the reward?

Pretty easy, when an Organization invites you to join a campaign just go into your dashboard and check your notifications. Create whatever rewards you would like in the rewards section and our system will assign a code to them.Once you create the reward you can “add to Campaign” right inside your Dashboard and wait for campaign approval. When the Organization approves the reward they will attach it to the campaign. Once rewards are being distributed to supporters the system will track how many have been distributed and how many have been redeemed inside your dashboard.

How does a reward get redeemed? 

Once a reward is redeemed at your establishment the supporter will show your employee the coupon and code on their phone. It will be up to your employee to ensure they hit the “Redeem Button” on the phone in order to deactivate the code.

How many campaigns can we sponsor?

As many as you like.

What are the rules for a sponsor?

  • Any reward must be approved by the campaign creator

  • A sponsor must provide some type of reward inside a campaign

  • A sponsor must help promote the campaign

  • A sponsor must not misrepresent to the public

  • Any published reward MUST be legit

  • ITC is not responsible for issues with campaigns, Sponsors or issues with Supporter Rewards

Can a sponsor create a campaign?

Yes we encourage Corporate Social Responsibility and just need approval from the cause you are presenting inside ITC.

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