Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is outlined below

The intended use of Influence the Cause is for registered and active nonprofit organizations, schools and churches, Corporations and worthy causes to display and market their fundraising campaigns to raise awareness and receive donations and Influence the Cause reserves the right to cancel and/or not display any campaign or Organization, including but not limited to, campaigns or organizations that do not coincide with our company philosophy or that deceive the public. Influence the Cause can also cancel an account or deny access to any Supporter/User or Sponsor for any reason what-so-ever. Hacking/Tampering or misuse of the ITC website and its intellectual property can be grounds for denying access and termination of an account inside ITC and possible criminal proceedings against you. Influence the Cause (aka ITC) is serious about protecting your privacy at all times. Your use of the Website constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. If you do not accept any aspect of the Policy, we fully understand and you should not use our site.

So you have an understanding this policy is designed to assist you in what information you may be asked to provide, how the information is used and shared, and how you can control the information via our website (aka "Website, platform or site"). We will not use or share or sell your information with anyone except as prescribed in this Privacy Policy (aka "Policy").

For the purposes of this Terms of Use/Privacy Policy the following terms may be used: ITC: Influence the Cause User: A person who registers and creates an account on ITC Supporter/User or Donor: People who support campaigns in any manner whatsoever on the ITC website. Campaign Creator: The person(s), Organizations or Causes who create and market a landing page on the ITC website Sponsors: Are person(s), corporations, or businesses that sponsor a campaign on the ITC site and/or provide rewards within the ITC site. Phlog: What we call our Philanthropic Blog. Get it Philanthropic Blog.... Phlog Playanthropy: A new and exciting way to support a cause and create new Philanthropists Gamification/game: The methodology we use in Playanthropy to help you build your legacy and allow displayed cause(s) to reach their goals.

Information you provide

If you are a supporter/Donor: If you choose to create an account with us, you will have the choice to register through certain social media accounts or email as displayed on our sign up page.
You will select your own personal username and password in order to log into your own personal dashboard.
The information you provide will only be accessible to ITC and shared to either, the campaign creator that you support or donate to through the ITC site and any sponsor that you receive a reward from through the ITC site.

You also will allow ITC to display your name, game levels, points, rewards, badges in our leaderboard and other areas of the ITC site as you climb the philanthropic ladder. We may also display approved content sent by you within our site.
You also allow ITC to send notifications via email or any other site, including but not limited to, periodically to update you on ITC information, campaign status, leaderboard status or gamification information. We also use Stripe for each campaign donation process and they will have access to your information through your own personal account you have with them so please check their policies, security and terms of use.

Now we cannot ensure nor do we guarantee what the campaign creator, sponsor, Stripe do with your information once they receive it.
You will hold ITC harmless for any injury or damages that you may occur from an Organization, campaign or sponsors on the ITC site.

Influence the Cause and its affiliates, sponsors, investors and displayed campaigns have access to the information you submit when you register an account and/or display on the Website and by using our site you are allowing them access to provide you with information if you support, donate or receive a reward on any campaign as displayed in the ITC site.
The Leaderboards and your position in those leaderboards as displayed on the campaign landing page and your personal dashboard are for gamification purposes only.

Any misuse, tampering or hacking of the ITC site and its intellectual property are grounds for denying access and/or termination of your account within ITC and possible criminal proceedings filed against you.

If you are a Campaign Creator/Organization on our site: If you choose to create an active account and landing page campaign with us, you will be asked to create a user account through email only.
Your email will serve as your login and you will be allowed to create your own personal password.
In order to be as transparent as possible to supporters and/or Donors or sponsors who view your landing page on the ITC site we ask that you provide the following:
Organization Name
First and last name of campaign creator
Contact information of either the cause on your landing page or your cause you are representing on the ITC landing page. To include an email, web address and phone number
You will also need to set up a Stripe account in order to receive your donations.
You agree to using Stripe or any other third party payment processor ITC uses, through the ITC system and allow the split of donation funds be directed into your designated Stripe account as set up inside your ITC dashboard.
You will be asked for your EIN number in order to check that your status is active as a registered nonprofit, school, church or cause before you can launch any campaign.
If you do not have an active EIN number it will be up to the sole discretion of ITC to allow you to market your landing page to the general public.
Please contact us at for approval and with any questions.

You will not misrepresent any part of your campaign to the public through the ITC site in any manner whatsoever.
You are using the ITC site strictly as a marketing platform to promote your cause and/or organization and will hold Influence the Cause harmless for any injuries or damages that you may occur.

Your information will be fully accessible to the public within any landing page on the ITC site.
Once you are "connected" with a sponsor they will also see your contact information.

ITC can cancel your account and any campaign(s) you may be running at any time, for any reason what-so-ever, without cause.

If you are a Sponsors : If you choose to create an active account with us, you will be asked to create a user account through email only and provide the following:
Company and/or sponsor name
Contact info to include direct name, email and phone number
Both campaign creators and supporters/donors will have access to your information as displayed on the ITC landing page and/or ITC website.
Show your Corporate Social Responsibility to the world!!

If you should sponsor a campaign within the ITC website the following rules will apply:
You must offer some type of rewards to supporters. (These rewards to be displayed within a campaign will be agreed on by you and the campaign creator only).
You must help promote any campaign you are connected with on the ITC site.
You must show good faith for any reward or statements you display to the general public through the ITC site.
You must not misrepresent a reward to the public.
You must provide the Fair Market Value of ANY reward you offer the public through the ITC site.
AT some point you must provide a donation of a product, service or item to the ITC store.

If for any reason ITC and or its campaign creators feel you are not in good faith or undermining the public or the campaign creator in any way, ITC has the full right to cancel your sponsorship forever, without cause.

Phlog/Blog: Supporters/Donors. Sponsors, Bloggers and Campaign Creators may also post information, such as comments, texts, images, videos, and other content (aka “Materials”) to the Website or company Phlog (blog).

Any Materials you post to the Website may be viewable by the general public and are governed by our Terms of Use and the sites they are being displayed on and ITC or its affiliates can remove or not display anything they so choose.

If you so choose to post anything outside a campaign please email us at for approval.

Transparency and viral component: Campaigns displayed on the website are required to display their authentic identities when using Influence the Cause so supporters/donors/Sponsors can do their own due diligence on a campaign's authenticity.

Because of the Influence the Cause unique viral component there may be other sites or social media outlets that Organizations, sponsors and Influence the Cause uses to attract donors/supporters (i.e. links, hashtags, blogs etc..) to a particular user’s site, always make sure the Influence the Cause name and logo are in the upper left hand corner after being directed for authenticity.

Influence the Cause viral component may connect certain social media sites link back to the users Influence the Cause donation landing page. In doing so, the user’s name, photo and number of friends supporting a cause may be displayed.
However, the link to a user’s Facebook profile remains private.

By using the site users/supporters/donors/organizations/sponsors/bloggers of the site give Influence the Cause permission to possibly have their names, pictures and comments displayed on the site in the campaign leaderboard and elsewhere within the site that will be displayed for all to see.

As in everything else in this world Influence the Cause does not and cannot police all content, as displayed in any social media or website that you may be directed to. So please, use caution when doing so.
If you see anything offensive or immoral or to the like please contact the directed site and us at

Gamification/Playanthropy: We have created an uplifting and rewarding support platform that allows supporters to build their philanthropic legacy through support of a cause or causes displayed on the ITC site.

We call it Playanthropy.

Playanthropy is one of the intellectual properties inside ITC and is the process of tracking your support of a cause or causes inside the ITC platform and allowing you to climb the ladder of support while receiving points, badges and rewards to build one’s philanthropic legacy.

Activity as displayed can only be tracked using Playanthropy inside the ITC platform and its intellectual properties. Using any methods or sources outside the ITC platform will not be displayed or given credit for as it pertains to Playanthropy and ITC, its rewards, gifts, points, recognitions or contest winners.

Our gamification process inside the ITC platform can track your support activity from within our site and allows you to use your influence to support a cause(s) and track your activity and display it in your personal dashboard and possibly showcase your activity to the general public.

All rewards inside a campaign have been approved by the campaign and the sponsor and are provided by the campaign and/or sponsor and not by ITC.

Campaigns inside ITC may or may not display gifts or rewards to its supporters.

There may or may not be age restrictions for “rewards” given out please see the reward itself for any restrictions.

Not every person who supports a campaign on ITC will receive a reward.

Each reward provided is created specifically by the campaign creator and/or its sponsor(s) and for that particular campaign and cannot be used or comingled or interpreted in other campaigns displayed at any time.

Influence the Cause does not guarantee that any recognition, reward, prizes, giveaways or the like within the campaign are authentic and comply with government rules and regulations. Any user/supporter(s) will hold Influence the Cause harmless of any damage that may be caused to the user/supporter for the content, authenticity and delivery of the reward being displayed by the campaign.

The Leaderboards, game levels, points, badges, game board and any other “game” items ITC displays inside ITC are for gamification purposes only.

Leaderboards display the “top supporter(s)” for each category shown. If there is a “contest” within any campaign the “top supporter” shown on the leaderboard can be declared the “top supporter” for that campaign and each individual campaign creator, sponsor or ITC can recognize that “top supporter” if they so choose.

Each person supporting a campaign, no matter where they are on the leaderboard, can and will be verified as a “Real Account” inside ITC and have not found to have violated any of the terms inside this agreement.

All rewards, points, badges, cause coins, levels and/or any other promotions applies to any person with an active account inside the ITC platform.

Game rules can be changed at any time by ITC.

Cause Coins Within Playanthropy and the gamification process ITC is creating an internal reward that we call Cause Coins.
Cause Coins are not affiliated with any certain campaign being presented on our site and are created internally by ITC and not by any campaign creator.
They are a “random reward” that we can implement inside the ITC platform at any time for any reason to any user who creates and has a current active account inside ITC.
Cause Coins may or may not have an internal value that can be redeemed ONLY in the ITC store or wherever ITC promotes the receiving and redeeming of a cause coin.
The more your support a cause(s) the more Cause Coins you may receive. (stay tuned for more on Cause Coins)

What do we do with the Information

Because of the Influence the Cause Viral component it is very critical that we use your information for transparency.

Campaign creators need to know who is supporting their cause
Campaign sponsors need to know who is receiving a reward
Supporters need to know who they are supporting
Supporters need to know who the sponsors are
ITC wants to showcase your philanthropic activity to the world

ITC will:
Periodically contact all users to include but not limited to:
System updates
Campaign updates
Leaderboard updates
Game rule changes
Sponsor updates
Reward updates
Anything of importance that ITC deems relative to a campaign success


Influence the Cause is a for-profit company and does not take all direct donations from donors.
Donations received on a displayed campaign go directly through Stripe (or any other payment processing portal we use) to the account as directed by the campaign creator.
ITC takes an agreed upon percentage on each donation and the rest goes directly into the campaign creators account.
Stripe (or any other payment portal we use) may charge a fee for using their platforms through the ITC platform called “third party charge” and each campaign creator and/or donor agree to their third party charges and their terms of service through the ITC platform.
ITC is not making the perception or ensuring that every donation made by a supporter is tax deductible.
There are no minimums to meet and all donations received are directed into the campaigns connected account.


Donors should only contribute payments to a campaign displayed on ITC and we encourage everyone to do their own due diligence on the authenticity of a campaign that is displayed on ITC.
Unfortunately there is no way to 100% guarantee that the authenticity of an Influence the Cause campaign(s) donation page contains accurate or truthful information. As such, donors should use caution and not make donations to any campaigns or people unless they fully understand and trust the cause presented.
Because funds are going directly into the campaign(s) account at the time of a donation (less our fee) on a campaign(s) landing page ITC will not issue any refunds to a donor what-so-ever and you will hold ITC harmless for trying to receive a refund from the campaign you donated to or any damages that may occur from your donation.
Donations through Pay Pal and Stripe will always be delivered to the indicated campaign creator account they established through those platforms.
Influence the Cause does not take donations or payments directly and all displayed Non-Profit MUST have a Pay Pal or Stripe account in which to receive donations and are responsible for any third party charges they may have.
Any other possible direction of donations through an Influence the Cause page should be dealt with in CAUTION and if there is an attempt to bypass this process should be directed to

All donations made through Pay Pal or Stripe initiated through Influence the Cause are deemed securely encrypted through Pay Pal or Stripe platforms.
If there are any issues or concerns of their security practices please direct these questions to or

Attempting to bypass the prescribed donation method (i.e., posting direct links to alternative payment methods) is strictly prohibited by Influence the Cause and will result in account termination and possible criminal prosecution.

At no time will Influence the Cause request or store sensitive data such as users’ banking information or passwords to payment accounts. Users will securely provide such information only within and when prompted by Pay Pal or Stripe platforms.

Please beware of, and immediately report any solicitations made through your Influence the Cause page using the ‘Contact’ feature. Influence the Cause will never contact its users through this method. Do not provide your personal contact information, such as phone number, to anyone that requests it. Ask questions and have a conversation directly or over email if need be.
Additionally, exercise caution if you receive offers from 3rd-party fundraising companies or individuals offering personal assistance.
NEVER arrange to personally meet anyone who contacts you through your Influence the Cause page. Report any suspicious activity directly to us at


Influence the Cause takes security seriously and we take reasonable measure to protect our user’s information. We are not, however, responsible for any information you share with other users of the Website or other third parties.

Intellectual Property

ITC has created certain intellectual property inside its platform and one cannot, including but not limited to, tamper with or copy any part of the ITC platform for any use whatsoever inside or outside the ITC platform other than its intended use inside ITC without the expressed written consent of Influence the Cause LLC is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Protection for Children

This Website is not directed to children under the age of thirteen. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, we do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from persons under the age of 13 through the Website or otherwise. If we later learn that any user is under the age of 13, or that we have inadvertently received personally identifiable information from a user under the age of 13 through the Website, we will take appropriate steps to remove that user’s information from the database and restrict that user’s access to the Website.

Because we do not collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 via the Website, we also do not knowingly distribute such information to third parties, and we do not condition the participation of a child under 13 in the Site's online activities on providing personally identifiable information.

Review and Make Changes to Your Information

If you are a registered user on our platform, you can make changes to your user account information by logging in to the Website and using the account tools available via the platform through your dashboard or profile area.

If you have any questions about modifying your account or preference information, please visit the customer service pages of our Website or contact us at

Links to Other Websites

The Website may contain links to third-party websites, including but not limited to nonprofits, sponsors and other organizations. Influence the Cause is not responsible for the privacy practice, policies, or content of such websites.

Legal Requirements

Although such a situation may be unlikely, Influence the Cause may be required to disclose user information to appropriate authorities in accordance with law, whether by subpoena or other legitimate request, or if, in our business judgment, such disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of our Website, us, our affiliates, our officers, directors, employees, representatives, our licensors, other users, and/or the public.

Site Changes

Any changes or updates to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our Website, with the effective date listed at the top. By continuing use of the Website after we post any such changes, you accept the Privacy Policy as modified. Please check back often to read the most updated and amended Policy.

Influence the Cause has the right to terminate, cancel and remove any displayed campaign and/or access to the site and halt all information being displayed or discontinue a registered account for any reason what-so-ever.

Questions Regarding Privacy

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, our privacy practices, or your dealings with us or any campaign or company sponsor please contact us by writing to:

Influence the Cause
E-mail address:

Message from the US Department of Justice:
If you believe you have been a victim of fraud from a person or an organization soliciting relief funds on behalf of storm victims or have knowledge of waste, abuse, or allegations of mismanagement involving disaster relief operations, contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud toll free at: (866) 720-5721

You can also fax information to: (225) 334-4707 or e-mail it to: