FAQ Supporters 

What does your site do?

Influence the Cause is a website that allows Non-Profit Organizations, Schools and Churches a platform to display their cause to reach donors, supporters and influencers. We allow each supporter/donor the opportunity to build their philanthropic legacy by helping support any cause and receive points and rewards and are recognized for their efforts through the gamification philosophy.You can watch your status grow inside your dashboard and on the leaderboards. We encourage competition with your peers to become the Most Influential Supporter.

What if I cannot afford to donate?

Not a problem, the ITC platform will allow you to support a cause and build your legacy and receive rewards, points and badges just for using your influence and spreading the word of a cause through our easy to use social media links. No matter what your financial stature is the ITC platform will allow you to build your philanthropic legacy for all to see.

How do I receive my rewards and points?

Inside each campaign the donation/reward boxes will display the rewards that are given inside each campaign and can be reached through your dashboard.ITC can also place “random rewards” anywhere throughout the site for you to receive. The more you share and/or donate the more your stature can grow. Your personal dashboard inside ITC will display your activity inside the system for all campaigns and guide you to reach the next level through Support Missions.

How do I redeem my gifts?

When you are at the place of business the gift is attached to- go to your Supporter dashboard inside My Gift and Rewards area- Click on that- Open the coupon/Gift card or Ticket- View the Voucher and have the Business Mark as Redeemed at Point of Sale.

How do I get on the leaderboard?

Each campaign landing page will have a displayed leaderboard. In order to “out” support the current leader log into your dashboard and start supporting that cause or other causes and keep leveling up until you reach the top through Support Missions. Once you have made it to the leaderboard, you have to make sure you stay on top and stay active in the campaign as long as the campaign is active on ITC. You can also support other campaigns inside ITC and receive even more points and badges and climb up the overall leaderboard.

Where does my donation go?

Each donation is directed through each Organization’s Stripe account. Influence the Cause does not take donations directly we take a percentage of your donation to keep this great technology going. So please do your due diligence before making and financial contributions to any campaign on our site.

What if I change my mind after I make a donation?

We encourage you to check out every organization displayed credentials before making a donation. Once a donation is made there are NO REFUNDS what-so-ever from Influence the Cause and you can contact the campaign organization directly for any issues. Influence the Cause DOES NOT guarantee any donations made to a campaign are going towards the displayed cause exclusively.

What if I just want to make a donation?

Not a problem. You can support a campaign directly from their landing page without receiving any rewards or badges, if you so choose.

Is my donations tax deductible?

Please consult your tax advisor about your financial supports deductibility.

Can I create a campaign?

Our site is for NPO, Schools, Churches and worthy causes. If you want to create a campaign for one of these then you must have consent and approval from them in order to run a campaign.

Please email us at info@infleuncethecause.com with any questions.