FAQ Non-Profits

Can I use your site if I am not affiliated with a Non-Profit, School or Church?

No, ITC is specifically for registered, active 501(c)3, Non-Profits, Schools or Churches.If you are not affiliated with a 501(c)3, NPO, School or Church and want to run a campaign representing them you must have consent and approval from the cause you are representing on an ITC landing page. Sign up and email us at info@infleuncethecause.com for more information We do not display personal campaigns to help you go on vacation or fund your project. That is not us

What makes Influence the Cause different from other sites?

  • We have a built-in Gamification process for your supporters who can earn points, badges and rewards.

  • Influence the Cause is your marketing partner.

  • We only work with approved Non-Profits, Schools and Churches and worthy causes.

  • We give every campaign a chance to go viral through Smart Technology and gamification.

  • Donations (less or fee) go directly into a campaign's designated Stripe account.

  • We have a built in rewards process and can seamlessly connect with sponsors of your campaign.

  • You can track all campaign activity in Real-Time inside your dashboard.

How does my Campaign get started?

Go through the sign up process on our website.Influence the Cause will verify your legal status through Guidestar and/or IRS Master File (24 hour approval process). As we approve your campaign you can create a full functional landing page with built in rewards. Once approved you are ready to launch.

What if my Non-profit is not listed on Guidestar/IRS Master File?

Unfortunately, there is a process to list your Non-Profit Organization and we want to be as transparent as we can for you and your donors. You may want to check Guidestar or the IRS Master file to see if your Organization is listed. Or we will check it for you once you create an account and landing page or contact us directly at info@infleuncethecause.com for approval.

Can we register and display our Organization if we are not registered in the United States?

No, unfortunately we do not accept Organizations registered outside the U.S. at this time.

Can I manage my landing page at any time?

Yes, once you sign up and create a login and password you can log in at any time to make changes or updates.

How many campaigns can one run at one time?

As many as you like.

How are my campaigns tracked?

Each campaign has a personal secure dashboard which will show you all the activity in every campaign you are running in real-time.

How long can I be listed on Influence the Cause and how much can I raise?

There is a timeframe you need to place into each campaign, so it is up to you how long the campaign runs for. You can raise any amount you so choose and keep all funds raised (less fees).

What if I do not reach my goal, do I keep what has been raised?

Since donations are directed right into your designated account you keep whatever you generate during your campaign.

How do we receive the donations?

All donations received (less our and payment processing fee) are set up through Stripe and linked to your direct Stripe account and available through their terms of service. So you will have to set up a Stripe account if you do not already have one and are responsible for the fees associated with those accounts.

What does Influence the Cost charge for use of their site?

Our site is a pay for performance site and there is no set up fee or subscriptions needed. We only take a percentage of what is raised.