Make an Impact
Use Your Influence to Inspire and Empower People To Change Lives
Create a movement
Get Connected With a Community of Friends That Are Changing The World
Live Socially Responsible
Be Loyal to the Brands That Support the Same Causes You Do
91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality
Build your Legacy
Perform Simple Tasks Daily to Support Your Favorite Causes & Watch Your Status Grow
Be a Hero
Through Giving & Sharing You Will Climb the Ladder of Greatness “Greatness is not what you have, it's what you give”
Be Recognized
Stand Out With Your Friends, Show the Impact You Are Making With Your Favorite Causes
84% of Millennials give to charity, donating an annual average of $481 across 3.3 organizations
Get Rewarded
It's Not Always About Donating, It's More About Bringing Awareness to a Cause (Oh and Having Fun!)
Peace of Mind through transparency
See How Your Direct Deposit Donations Are Helping Change the Causes You Support
Know what your giving to and where the funds are going (use of funds)
Start a Competition
Challenge Your Friends! Are you the biggest giver among your peers?
Find out now!
72% of Boomers give to charity, donating an annual average of $1,212 across 4.5 organizations